Geplaatst in Bedrijfswaardering, Waarderen van Ondernemingen

Bedrijfswaardering, economie en Alchemie?

James Altucher, zie, analyseert deze onderlinge verbanden.

Hij heeft het dan over “Hard and Soft sciences”, als volgt … in het Engels.

All of economics is wrong

Here are the facts: Physics, chemistry, and biology are all hard sciences. They ask serious questions and sometimes come up with legitimate answers. The combination of all of those sciences has led to greater understanding of health, less infant mortality, longer lifespans, nuclear weapons, robots, and so on. 

Anthropology, Sociology, and Psychology are known as the soft sciences. They’ve led to Darwin coming up with a theory of evolution. They’ve led to interesting results on positive psychology and what elements are most important for “well-being” in life (competence, good relationships, and autonomy). And occasionally they keep couples married longer than they should be (a bad side effect of psychologists being the only doctors who NEED to never cure their patients). 

But what is Economics? Is it a hard science or a soft science It’s neither.

En wat is Bedrijfswaardering dan, “hard” of “soft” of geen van beiden?


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