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De “Buffett” Rules

Warren Buffett’s yearly letter to the shareholders is uit: 2015 ltr. Fascinating stuff indeed.

De klassieke journalistieke commentaar kan je nu zowat overal lezen.

Meer in het bijzonder heb ik evenwel 3 dingen hieruit onthouden.

  1. In april komt er een nieuw boek over hem uit: “Warren Buffett’s Ground Rules: Words of Wisdom from the Partnership Letters of the World’s Greatest Investor“. Ook beschikbaar op tablet.
  2. Zijn “Bolt-on acquisition” politiek.
  3. Zijn beroemde investment rule: Rule one: Never lose money. Rule two: Never forget rule one.

Hiervan zegt James Altucher: … “This means that, as an investor, Buffett first finds out how much he might lose on a stake in a worst-case scenario, and once he’s satisfied with that, he looks at the potential upside. Not only does focusing on the risk involved in market moves help with capital preservation, it frees up these investors to make smarter, sometimes bolder, moves with their money. To reach for bigger returns when they know that they’re operating on solid ground” …


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