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DAVE … what do you think you are doing?

In de nieuwste “Exponential Wisdom” aflevering in verband met converging technologies spreekt Peter Diamandis over disruptive technologiën.

Hij commentarieert hierbij onder meer de volgende topics die van belang kunnen zijn bij het beoordelen van de mogelijke bedrijfswaarde van vernieuwende zakelijke omgevingen en omstandigheden.

  1. The emergence of continuos low power and always on sensors and processor cores.
  2. Massive network densification.
  3. Peer to peer tech: everything is connected.
  4. The cost of global internet connectivity is going to plummet.
  5. Internet as a human right.
  6. The exponential growth of connected devices.
  7. The realization that we are all headed towards a world where we are going to wear head mounted interfaces.

HAL … do you agree with me that we also should focus on AI, VR, IoT, and deap learning looking forward … HALL … open the knowledge door  and take a stress pill …?



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