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Den Donald en de “Race to the Bottom” (revisited)

In een interview (Engels) met de New York Times vertelde DT gisteren het volgende:

… “I tell you, one thing I would say, so, I’m giving a big tax cut and I’m giving big regulation cuts, and I’ve seen all of the small business owners over the United States, and all of the big business owners, I’ve met so many people. They are more excited about the regulation cut than about the tax cut.
And I would’ve never said that’s possible, because the tax cut’s going to be substantial.
You know we have companies leaving our country because the taxes are too high.
But they’re leaving also because of the regulations.
And I would say, of the two, and I would not have thought this, regulation cuts, substantial regulation cuts, are more important than, and more enthusiastically supported, than even the big tax cuts”. …

Den Donald heeft mijn blog ook gelezen, inderdaad.

Hij heeft het over de meer dan noodzakelijke zuurstof aan en in de vorm van:

  • Small business owners,
  • Big regulation cuts,
  • Big substantial tax cuts,
  • Enthusiastically supported,
  • Companies leaving our country,
  • Taxes are too high.

In deze juiste volgorde.

Martin Luther King once said “I have a Dream”. Make ….. Great Again?


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